The Locked Inn will get your heart pumping and your brain racing. Escape Rooms are one of the most popular mobile game apps available, and now you can experience this type of game, live!  Much more than a game, this is an immersive entertainment experience, where YOU are the main character.   

When you arrive at The Locked Inn, we will explain how the game works…and then you will be LOCKED into our escape room. Along with a group of your friends, you will be given 60 minutes to escape the room.    As the clock ticks down, your group will work quickly at piecing together the clues, solving puzzles, and ultimately trying to escape to freedom!

Most groups will not escape the first time…but you will be amazed at how much fun you will have trying.  

Come check out San Luis Obispo County's only escape room open to the public, The Locked Inn, to find out why Escape Room's are so addicting!

Patrick Eaves

A Live Escape Room Experience

Grover Beach, CA

Our Story

We started playing the mobile and on-line versions of escape rooms, and immediately fell in love with the concept.  If you've played them, you know how addicting they are!  A few years ago we went to a live version, and decided we wanted to design our own.   Since we did not want to accidentally steal other escape room ideas, we decided not to go to anymore escape rooms.

 We opened our first room in August of 2015, at a time when most guests had never even heard of escape rooms.  It has been exciting to see the industry grow, and we now often have guests that visit us seeking out escape rooms.   We love being able to share our room with all of our amazing guests.

We are a husband and wife team that handles every aspect of the business.   Often guests ask if we are part of a franchise, or buy pre made puzzles.  We are very proud to say that all the puzzles and designs are unique to our escape room, we create and build each on our own.   We truly hope all of our guests will enjoy what we offer!

A Central Coast native, Mariah has always worked in  customer service.   Holding positions early on at local notable hotels and resorts, she later moved into banking.    She became well known and loved by her clients for providing an excellent award winning customer experience.  She now runs The Locked Inn full time.  Handling marketing, customer service, and operations.    In addition, she some how finds time to be a local Zumba instructor!

Also a Central Coast native, Patrick has spent most of his career life in the entertainment experience industry.   He started out in resort sales and adventure tours.   Patrick later became a paragliding and skydiving instructor, and has been for many years.   He brings his love for sharing adventures to his puzzle designs.   Patrick creates and builds each unique puzzle and element in The Locked Inn.

Mariah Eaves

We look forward to having you as a guest!

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