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The Locked Inn first opened its doors in August of 2015.  We started in a time when most guests had never heard of escape rooms.  Listening to guests feedback and watching the industry grow, we carefully sculpted the coming rooms to exceed expectations.  We worked hard to make sure the experience was unique and that the Locked Inn remained a shining example of local business on the Central Coast.

Flash forward to today where we continue to offer the great experiences our guests have come to love and keeping the business a truly local establishment.  We will work hard to ensure you have the best experience possible and cant wait to expand the adventure with new rooms and new guests.

Meet your Innkeepers: HEATHER BARR and friends

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I think I got that big “Aha!” moment when I was 27.  I had just left radio which is what I had been doing for almost a decade and I got a job offer making a considerable amount more a year working for Toyota.  Obviously I took it…. but what working there made me realize was:

1. The car industry wasn’t for me

2. You can’t enjoy making that much money...or much of life in general... when you are working 80 hours a week.

3. I wanted to go back to doing something that involved helping others. 


So I made the decision to go back into radio and marketing and that’s what brought me here to the Central Coast from Arizona. I’ve been working in radio with many hats (from on air talent, to sales, production, ad writing, etc) since 2007 (minus that one year stint at the dealership).  I’ve worked with well over 150 local businesses here in SLO County to help come up with new ways to be successful.


Although I loved working with so many of the  local business owners here to help them succeed, I was excited to spend that energy doing what I can to grow a business of my own.….and what better way to get into business than an escape room?! I get to use all that creativity that used to go into ad writing and put it into new ideas of “What’s a new creative way I can make someone smile today”.  I’m so excited to take that energy and excitement I’ve used in radio to make The Locked Inn a place where you can come to have fun and experience another world. I think Escape Rooms are such a unique way to bring people together, to show one another how to communicate and work through problems and most importantly have fun! So I invite you to take a step into the unknown with me with our unique escape rooms here at The Locked Inn. 


Fun facts:

I do have 2 business partners who are extremely bossy.  One is a Yorkie/Maltese Mix named Sophia and a complete control freak... and the other a Chihuahua nicknamed “Noodles” with no work ethic.


I’m a self proclaimed “nerd” (although many would disagree since I don’t like Star Wars).  I love video games, Dungeons and Dragons and smart people ;)

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