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team building

Book your visit to The Locked Inn Escape Room for a team building experience like no other.  There's a reason why we have a 5 star rating on Yelp, Google, Facebook and Trip Advisor!  Give your team the best team building experience at The Locked Inn!

Are you looking to improve communication, boost moral or find an ice breaker to help your team get to know each other better? This unique team building experience will help you learn about your team's strengths and weaknesses while working to solve the puzzle within 60 minutes time.

The Locked Inn Live Escape Room is an amazing team building experience for all businesses, large or small. Our games are designed to promote better teamwork in the workplace, and as most business owners and managers know, great teamwork is one of the key factors associated with a company’s success.

To book your company's TEAM BUILDING activity click BOOK NOW and choose your experience. Daytime bookings available. Please call or email our offices directly for custom booking times or requests.


What a fun time at The Locked Inn! Heather is running a class act business here. Our team building event started right on time, and we were given thorough instruction/tips on how to make it out of the room successfully as a team. Heather treated us amazingly throughout the entire experience, and encouraged us to have a good time and work together. I would highly recommend for a team building event, as our team really worked together to solve the puzzles and get out in time. It was a complete success. I can't wait to come back to do the next room!

—  Jimmy, FIMC Slo

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